Project Description
The MSN Messenger History Merging tool was designed for merging the xml history files of the MSN Messenger and the Windows Live Messenger.
This is useful when using multiple machines running the Messenger (e.g., office and home) with the history logging turned on. In this scenario, each machine has its own copy of the history files; each copy corresponds to the same recipients but in different times. This utility will look for history files of the same recipient in two different folders and create a merged version of the history file for every recipient found. Requires the .Net v2 framework (not included).

How does the MSN Messenger History Merger work?
MSN Messenger saves the conversations history as xml files. The files are located by default in "My Documents\My Received Files\<MsnProfile>\History"; where <MsnProfile> corresponds to the MSN profile name used to log on to the Messenger network. MSN Messenger saves a single xml history file for each recipient, so when using multiple instances of MSN Messenger (e.g., one instance from your home box and the other from your office box) there will be different folders with history files corresponding to the same recipients. There is no easy way to view all the conversations done for single recipients from various instances.

This tool aims to close that gap: the purpose of this tool is to merge the history files from 2 such history folders into one folder. This is done by merging the messages from each recipient history file and copying the merged file to the merged folder, as defined by the user.


How should I use the MSN Messenger History Merger?
In order to use this tool, both history folders (from both boxes) should be accessible. Just copy the history folder from the first box (say, the office box) into a temporary folder on the second box (say, the home box) and you're ready to go.

Run the tool and fill the relevant folder paths:
  • Origin Folder 1: points to the 1st folder with the history files. Usually this is the folder MSN Messenger uses to save the history files.
  • Origin Folder 2: points to the 2nd folder with the history files. Usually this is the folder onto which the history files from the “other” box have been copied to.
  • Merging Folder: points to the folder that the merged history files are to be created.
You can now click on "Merge" to merge the history files.

Note: this tool will not change the content of the original messages. The original history messages created by the MSN Messenger are used only for reading. Merged data created by this tool is copied as new files in the merged folder.

This application requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0.

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